Meet Dot Com

Meet Dot Com
Meet Dot Com

You’re using new software. You might even have a new hair color. And here I am, a new person in your life to help you along. So it’s a good time to introduce myself.

dot-profileMy name is Dot Com. Yes, it’s my real name. It’s like my eyes are really green. I paid for the green contacts and when I wear them my eyes are really green. I’m an adult and as such I create my own identity (we all do, only most people don’t do it quite as consciously, or self-consciously as I have).

If you want to know the name I was born with youporn, you’ll have to wait until we know each other better; just suffice it to say that no one was named “Dorothy” the year I was born, except a little girl adopted by a couple in the Castro with a thing for Judy Garland. They didn’t name her “Judy” because they thought it might be bad karma, so Dorothy it was, and they gave her a little dog, too.

But I like the name Dot and actually started using it pre-Web because it had such logo possibilities. I started marketing on the web not long after the Web was invented. There’s a lot of hype about the Web, but some of it is true—it’s the first real change in the world’s distribution system since the wheel! That’s pretty amazing. When I realized that I thought, “This is the place for me,” I jumped in and haven’t looked back.

I live just north of San Francisco with my two kids, Paco and Sparkle (yes, that is her real name, it’s a long story). I worked for many years within a large PR firm that handled clients from big software companies to political campaigns. While I love PR (I consider it educational), I became frustrated by the way this company did business (not to mention the people they did business with).

I decided I only wanted to work with companies and clients that I personally believed in, so, once I saw the power of the web, I realized I could go out on my own, which is what I’ve done.

argyPaco (who’s nickname is “Dub” as in “Double-U”, as in “xxx“) is going to art school in San Francisco and is working on a new typeface called “Symph,” which plays a different musical note for each letter of the alphabet (with different keys for italic, bold, and bold italic). With it, people will be able to write a novel and a symphony at the same time. I’m using it now, and the last sentence sounded not unlike Diana Ross’ “Love Child.” Paco (who Sparkle always calls “ChiChi,” another long story I won’t get into lest the over-abundance of names for one person becomes not unlike a Russian play,) shaved his head, looked like a potato with a goatee, and is now growing the hair back and looks like my little Chia Pet.

Sparkle (I know you want to know about the name but she’s made me promise not to tell that story again), is starting a band which she’s named “Slash Slash” (as in “http: slash slash”) and has pierced more places than would think someone could put holes. I’m sure that in a few years they’ll all close up and no one will ever know they were there (to tell the truth, I pierced my nose in the late 60’s long before it was fashionable and now there’s no trace of it or the little diamond-like thing that stuck out of it).

But enough about me. Let’s talk about you… and what you think about me. Just kidding.


I know you’ve got a lot to deal with. You’re probably busy with deadlines and don’t really want to spend much time learning something new, but trust me on this, it’s worth spending a little time now to save a lot in a few days. NetObjects Fusion can save you hours a day on stuff that otherwise can really drive you nuts. It also can let you make Web pages that sing.

So let’s start at the beginning. (You’ve seen “The Sound of Music” on TV, so you know it’s a “very good place to start.”)

One of the main reasons I said “yes” when asked to work with NetObjects was because I’d used NetObjects Fusion and thought it was the best thing on the market. OK, I’ll tell the truth, Paco and Sparkle both used it and told me it was the best thing on the market and then I learned it, and agreed.

So the point of all this is that new things can lead to great connections. So come with me as I take you through a little tour of NetObjects Fusion and when it’s done we can talk earrings.

If you´re really busy, at least read this…
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